Why We Forget What We Learn – Work on Yourself | Short Story

Why We Forget What We Learn - Work on Yourself | Short Story

Why We Forget What We Learn – Work on Yourself. I will explain the reason behind this to you with the help of a short story about a group of vultures.

Before delving deep into the story, let’s learn something about vultures.

Vultures, as we know, are scavenging predatory birds. For beginners, scavengers are those who eat the remains of dead animals. They usually perform most of their tasks in groups like hunting, eating, etc.

By the way, do you know that a group of vultures is called a kettle, committee, or wake?

  • Kettle – when they are in flight,
  • Committee – when they are resting and
  • Wake – when they are feeding.

Why We Forget What We Learn – Story of a group of vultures

Once upon a time, there was a group of vultures. They reached an island after a long flight over the sea. After reaching that island, they were filled with joy. The island was equipped with all the essentials they need to lead a comfortable life. For feeding, frogs and fishes are abundant.

All of them agreed to stay on that island. This way they don’t need to go anywhere else every day for hunting. They can hunt these frogs and fishes very easily without much effort. Vultures started living there very joyously (आनंद से). They neither go hunting anywhere nor do they take flight. Just resting all day.

According to them, they can spend their life feeding on frogs and fishes. But there is a wise vulture among them, very old though. He foresees the saddened future of all of them due to their laid-back behavior.

He told them:

We are high flying predatory birds. If we keep on being lazy and resting all day like this then our future will be in danger. So we should all get back to the jungle and start hunting.

Why We Forget What We Learn - Work on Yourself | Short Story

Everyone starts laughing at the old fellow. One of them replied to him:

It will be an idiot who would like to leave such a relaxed life and return to the forest. Here, nobody is interested in your proposal. If you want to go back, then go.

After hearing this, the disheartened old vulture return back to the forest.

Few years passed by:

Before dying, for once he wanted to meet his fellow vultures on that island. After reaching the island, he was shocked. All around the island, there were dead bodies of his fellow vultures.

Suddenly he saw a wounded vulture groaning with pain. He asks him that when and how all this happened? The wounded vulture told him that:

A few days back, a group of cheetahs came here. We thought that we could easily dodge them by flying. But unfortunately, we weren’t able to fly.

He continued:

We thought of attacking them with our claws. But here also we failed as our body doesn’t have the power it used to have earlier. We weren’t able to counter them and they kill each one of us one by one. You were right. We made a big mistake by dropping your idea of going back to the jungle.

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Moral of the Story

Now let’s answer your question “Why We Forget What We Learn“.

The purpose of this short story is to emphasize the fact of constantly working on yourself.

You learn something and after getting good at it, for some reason, you stop practising it. You think that there is no need to keep doing it as you know all of it.

But this is where you go wrong.

See, if you don’t work on your skills on a regular basis, you will eventually forget about them. This is a fact and you cannot escape from it.

You will see this all around you. Ask any topper of any examination, questions related to his/her subjects after a few years. I can guarantee you that most of them will not be able to answer even the simplest of the questions in those subjects, which once was a cakewalk for them. Why?

Because they have stopped reading about it. Simple. They don’t find it necessary to read those subjects because now it has nothing to do with their job or business. Yes, there are exceptions everywhere. I am just telling you the general scenario.

Now you know that “Why We Forget What We Learn“.

So keep working on your skills daily, even for 15 minutes. This is the secret formula to succeed in life. And by doing this you will never forget what you learn.

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