Lois Hanna: Mystery of Kincardine’s 35-Year-Old Case Explained

Lois Hanna: Mystery of Kincardine's 35-Year-Old Case Explained

Lois Hanna, a name that has echoed through the community of Kincardine, Ontario, for over three decades. A vibrant young woman, Lois was known for her curly brown hair, her warm personality, and her dedication to her job at MacG’s. However, her life took a mysterious turn on July 3, 1988, when she attended the “Celebrate in ’88” festival. Leaving the festival around 11:45 PM, she was last seen arriving home at approximately 12:15 AM on July 4. When she failed to show up for work the next day, alarm bells rang, and she was reported missing.

The disappearance of Lois Hanna is not just a case file gathering dust in the archives of the local police station. It is a wound in the heart of Kincardine that has refused to heal, a puzzle that has remained unsolved, and a story that has continued to haunt the community.

Over the years, Lois’s disappearance has become a significant part of the town’s narrative, a chilling reminder of the fragility of life and the enduring pain of not knowing. The impact of her disappearance has rippled through the community, affecting not just her family and friends but everyone who has heard her story.

Background of Lois Hanna

Born on February 3, 1963, Lois Marie Hanna was a resident of Kincardine, Ontario. Standing at 5’4″ and weighing around 120 lbs, Lois was a Caucasian female with distinctive curly brown hair and brown eyes. A notable feature was a scar on the upper part of her right leg, a testament to an undisclosed past incident.

Lois was not just a statistic in the missing persons database; she was a woman of substance and ambition. After completing her fashion studies at Fanshawe College, she secured a job at MacG’s, a local establishment in Kincardine. Her commitment to her job was well-known, making her absence on July 4, 1988, all the more alarming.

Those who knew Lois described her as a woman of routine and order. Her life was marked by a sense of normalcy and simplicity. She was known to keep her purse and keys in a china cupboard, a habit that would later become a poignant detail in the investigation of her disappearance. Her home on Nelson Street was a testament to her orderly lifestyle, with no signs of struggle or disarray.

Lois’s personality was as warm as her brown eyes. She was known to be friendly, hardworking, and dedicated, traits that made her disappearance even more baffling. Her life was rooted in her community, her work, and her routines, painting a picture of a woman content with her life.

The mystery of her disappearance stands in stark contrast to the tranquility of her lifestyle, leaving those who knew her and the entire community of Kincardine in a state of perpetual wonder and concern.

The Disappearance of Lois Hanna

The day of Lois Hanna’s disappearance was like any other, until it wasn’t. The date was July 3, 1988, and the town of Lucknow was buzzing with the excitement of the “Celebrate in ’88” festival.

This event, marking the community’s 130th reunion, was a joyous occasion filled with music, laughter, and camaraderie. Lois, like many others, was drawn to the festivities.

At the festival, Lois was seen enjoying the dance, mingling with friends, and partaking in the jubilant atmosphere. She was last seen leaving the arena around 11:45 PM.

The drive home to Kincardine was uneventful, and she arrived at her residence by approximately 12:15 AM on July 4. This was the last confirmed sighting of Lois Hanna.

The morning of July 4 brought with it an eerie silence. Lois, who was known for her punctuality and dedication, did not show up for work at MacG’s.

This was out of character for Lois, and her absence was immediately noticed. By the time the clock struck noon, Lois was officially reported missing, and the wheels of the investigation were set in motion.

The immediate response was swift. Local law enforcement swung into action, combing through Lois’s home and the surrounding areas for any signs of her.

The community, too, rallied, their joyous reunion now overshadowed by the sudden and inexplicable disappearance of one of their own. As the hours turned into days, and then weeks, the search for Lois Hanna continued. But she remained missing and her whereabouts is a mystery that has yet to be solved.

Investigation of Lois Hanna’s Case

The initial police investigation into Lois Hanna’s disappearance was thorough and meticulous. Upon entering her home, officers found a scene that was eerily normal. Lois’s car, a burgundy and grey 1987 Pontiac Grand Am, was parked in her driveway.

Inside the house, the television was on, a half-finished cup of tea sat on the kitchen counter, and her purse and keys were in their usual place in the china cupboard. The pink outfit she had worn to the dance was neatly hung up in her closet.

However, amid this normalcy, investigators found two unsettling details. First, a peach nightgown and matching robe were missing from her residence. Second, two drops of blood were found on a wall near the side door. These findings, coupled with the absence of any signs of struggle, painted a perplexing picture.

Several suspects were considered in the case. Among them was Pat Takken, a local man who had allegedly shown an interest in Lois. Despite being questioned, he was never formally charged due to lack of evidence. The infamous duo, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, known for their heinous crimes during the late 80s and early 90s, were also considered.

However, no concrete links were established between them and Lois’s case. Another name that surfaced was Russell Williams, a former Colonel in the Canadian Forces, later convicted for multiple murders. Yet, again, no definitive connection was made to Lois’s disappearance.

The investigation was marked by a frustrating lack of leads. Despite the exhaustive efforts of law enforcement and the community, Lois Hanna remained missing, her case growing colder with each passing year.

The absence of clear signs of struggle at her home, the items left untouched, and the missing nightgown and robe all added to the mystery surrounding her disappearance. The question remained: what happened to Lois Hanna on that fateful night in July 1988?

Ongoing Efforts and Developments

Despite the passage of time, the quest to uncover the truth about Lois Hanna’s disappearance has never ceased. Over the years, numerous volunteer searches have been conducted, with community members combing through local areas in the hope of finding any trace of Lois. New evidence has occasionally surfaced, reigniting hope and leading to renewed investigative efforts.

Please Bring Me Home volunteers searching for Lois Hanna
Please Bring Me Home volunteers searching for Lois Hanna (Source)

One organization that has played a pivotal role in keeping Lois’s case alive is “Please Bring Me Home.” This group of dedicated volunteers is committed to bringing missing people home to their families.

They have been instrumental in spreading awareness about Lois’s case and have worked tirelessly to gather information and follow up on leads.

In recent years, the case has found a new platform in the form of a podcast. “Shedding Light,” in its fourth season, has chosen to focus on Lois Hanna’s disappearance.

The hosts, known only by their aliases Angela, Susie, and Candy, are determined to shed light on unsolved missing persons cases across Canada. By featuring Lois’s case, they hope to generate new leads and keep her story in the public consciousness.

Social media has also played a significant role in maintaining public interest in the case. Through platforms like Facebook and Twitter, updates about the case are shared, and pleas for information are broadcasted to a wide audience.

This digital involvement has proven to be a powerful tool, not only in keeping Lois’s story alive but also in potentially reaching someone who holds the key to solving this enduring mystery.

The ongoing efforts and developments in Lois Hanna’s case are a testament to the determination of a community that refuses to forget one of their own. As the search for Lois continues, the hope remains that one day, the truth about her disappearance will finally come to light.

The Impact on the Community and Family

The disappearance of Lois Hanna has left an indelible mark on her family. The pain of not knowing what happened to their loved one has been a constant companion over the years. Each new lead, each volunteer search, and each passing anniversary of her disappearance brings a mix of hope and heartache.

The family’s search for answers has been relentless, their resolve unwavering. They have faced the public eye with courage and dignity, always holding onto the hope that Lois will be found.

The impact of Lois’s disappearance extends beyond her family, deeply affecting the community of Kincardine. The town, once known for its tranquility, was shaken by the event. The fear that such a thing could happen in their midst led to changes in the community.

Parents held their children a little closer, neighbors looked out for each other a bit more, and the sense of security was replaced with a caution that still lingers.

The community has rallied around Lois’s family, providing support and joining in the search efforts. The case has brought the community closer, united in the shared hope of finding Lois and bringing her home. The story of Lois Hanna has become a part of Kincardine’s narrative, a reminder of the mystery that still hangs over the town.

Lois Hanna’s disappearance is more than a missing person’s case; it’s a story of a community’s resilience, a family’s enduring hope, and a town’s quest for answers. The impact of her disappearance continues to resonate, a testament to the fact that Lois Hanna, even in her absence, remains a significant part of Kincardine.


The case of Lois Hanna is a poignant reminder of the mysteries that can lurk in the heart of even the most peaceful communities. Her disappearance has left a lasting imprint on the town of Kincardine, transforming from a mere missing person’s case into a symbol of resilience, unity, and enduring hope.

Despite the passage of time, the case remains unsolved, a puzzle with pieces still missing. Yet, the quest for answers has never waned. The hope for closure continues to fuel the efforts of Lois’s family, the local community, and law enforcement.

The collective aspiration is not just to solve a case, but to bring peace to a family and a community that has been waiting for answers for over three decades.

As we reflect on Lois Hanna’s story, it’s important to remember that every piece of information, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, could be the key to solving this enduring mystery. If you or anyone you know has any information related to Lois Hanna’s disappearance, you are encouraged to come forward.

Your contribution could provide the missing link, the piece of the puzzle that brings Lois Hanna home and offers closure to a family and a community that has been waiting for answers for far too long.

In the end, the story of Lois Hanna is a testament to the power of hope and the strength of a community united in the face of adversity. As we continue to search for answers, we keep Lois’s memory alive, a beacon of hope in the quest for truth.

FAQs on Lois Hanna

1. Who is Lois Hanna and when did she disappear?

Lois Hanna was a resident of Kincardine, Ontario, who mysteriously disappeared on July 4, 1988. She was last seen returning home from the “Celebrate in ’88” festival in Lucknow, Ontario.

2. What were the circumstances of Lois Hanna’s disappearance?

Lois was last seen arriving home from the “Celebrate in ’88” festival around 12:15 AM on July 4, 1988. When she didn’t show up for work later that day, she was reported missing. Her car was found in her driveway, and inside her home, everything seemed normal except for two drops of blood found near the side door and a missing peach nightgown and robe.

3. Who were the main suspects in the disappearance of Lois Hanna?

Several suspects were considered in Lois Hanna’s case, including a local man named Pat Takken, the infamous criminal duo Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, and Russell Williams, a former Colonel in the Canadian Forces. However, no definitive connections were made between these individuals and Lois’s disappearance.

4. What ongoing efforts are being made to solve the case of Lois Hanna’s disappearance?

The case remains open, with ongoing efforts from law enforcement, volunteer organizations like “Please Bring Me Home,” and the local community. The case has also been featured in the fourth season of the podcast “Shedding Light” to generate new leads and keep Lois’s story in the public consciousness.

5. How has Lois Hanna’s disappearance impacted her family and the community of Kincardine?

Lois Hanna’s disappearance has had a profound emotional impact on her family, who continue to search for answers. The community of Kincardine was deeply affected, with a sense of fear and caution replacing the town’s tranquility. The case has brought the community closer, united in the shared hope of finding Lois and bringing her home.


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