Strange case of Vasu Bhanot – Parallel Universe in Nainital, India

Strange case of Vasu Bhanot - Parallel Universe in Nainital, India

The strange case of Vasu Bhanot – Parallel Universe in Nainital, India. It is one of the few cases of Parallel Universe cited in India.

Nainital is one of the most famous and popular hill stations situated in the state of Uttarakhand, India. But in the year 1965, something strange happens in Nainital.

Before moving forward in the story, let me tell you in brief about the “Parallel Universe”.

The concept of “Parallel Universe” and “Multiverse”:

It is believed that our universe has no end and goes on forever. It is infinite. But is this the only universe that exists?

This question gives rise to the theory of “Multiverse”. According to this theory, there exist many other universes including the one in which we live. Together these universes comprise everything that exists.

The concept of "Parallel Universe" and "Multiverse" - Case of Vasu Bhanot, India

One aspect of this theory is the concept of a Parallel Universe. According to this concept, there exist parallel universes, exactly like ours.

This also implies the existence of the solar system and a planet, just like our Earth. Think about it. If it is true, then there exist objects, plants, animals, and even you & me (humans) exactly like ours in these parallel universes.

But their situation or condition is a little bit different from that of ours. This is exactly what happens with Vasu Bhanot.

The story of Vasu Bhanot & his experience of a parallel universe.

In 1965, there was a person named Vasu Bhanot (age 33), who lives in Nainital, India. One day he decided to visit his uncle. His uncle lives in a remote area, named Satarali, around 90 kms away from Nainital

Vasu Bhanot started his journey:

On 13th October 1965, he started his trip to Satarali.

Parallel Universe in Nainital, India - Strange case of Vasu Bhanot - Satarali

Since traveling in the hills areas is a very tiresome (थकाने वाला) task, he took some rest. After resting for some time, he again started his journey.

Dense Fog in his journey:

When he is just a few kilometers away from his village Satarali, he saw a dense fog in his way.

But since, fog near hilly areas is a common phenomenon, he entered the fog. But when he comes out of the fog, something strange happens. 

Dense fog near Satarali - Vasu Bhanot Case

When the fog cleared out, he saw his village but somethings have changed.

Lake was missing:

There used to be a lake alongside the road to his village which he had seen since his childhood. But that day there was no lake present alongside the road. He was shocked at how this is possible.

Last year when he visited the village, there was a lake and suddenly in one year, the lake disappears. There was no trace of that lake. But since he was in a hurry to meet his uncle, he didn’t ask anybody about that lake. 

His uncle and his family were dead:

When Vasu Bhanot reaches his patrimonial (पुश्तैनी) home where his uncle lives, something more shocking happens to him.

Vasu knocks the door

When he knocks on the door, the person standing beside the door was not his uncle. He was someone else whom Vasu Bhanot has not seen in his entire life.

He was shocked and enquired about his uncle and his family. The man told him that he and his family are living in that house since its erection (निर्माण). 

Vasu is not able to understand anything. He started questioning himself how it is possible? Vasu has been visiting his uncle’s house every year. 

When he asks other villagers about it, they approved the statement given by the stranger that the person living in the house is telling the truth.

He is unable to digest whatever is happening around him. After this, he enquired about his uncle and his family. 

The old man in the village told him that his uncle and his family have died in an accident 20 years ago. Vasu couldn’t believe what he has just heard.

How this is possible as last year he has met his uncle and now everyone says that they had died 20 years ago.

Vasu Bhanot takes help from his father and the police:

In that confused state, he returned to Nainital and decided to take help from his father and the police. He told them everything that has happened to him. Everyone was shocked and eager to find out the truth behind this strange incident that happened to Vasu Bhanot.

No dense fog and lake were present:

The next day, Vasu again started his journey towards Satarali. But this time, his father and the police were accompanying him on his journey. 

This time everything seems normal. The weather was clear. There was no dense fog. Moreover, this time the lake which was missing earlier was present alongside the road. 

His uncle and his family were alive:

Seeing everything normal again, Vasu gets confused. When they reached the village, everyone recognizes Vasu.

Vasu eagerly knocks on the door of his uncle’s door and what he sees as something astounding. Unlike the previous day, this time man beside the door was his uncle.

He and his family were alive. He couldn’t believe his eyes as earlier his uncle was declared dead and now he is alive. Also, villagers told that Vasu Bhanot didn’t visit the village yesterday. But how this is possible. 

Everyone thought that Vasu Bhanot has lost his mind:

Hearing this, the police and Vasu’s father thought that Vasu is unstable and has lost his senses. But Vasu sticks to his senses that whatever he has witnessed the previous day was 100% real. No one knows whether he was lying or not. Also, there is no way that this incident can be verified as he is dead now. 


What if whatever he is saying is real? If it was then this might be the case of a parallel universe. The dense fog might be the portal to this parallel universe. He might have entered into a universe where everything was a replica of his own universe but with different conditions.

Who knows…

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