Brandi Worley: Mother Killed Her Children then Stabbed Herself

Brandi Worley: Tragic Story of a Mother Who Killed Her Children

The heart-wrenching tale of Brandi Worley, a mother who took the lives of her own children, Tyler and Charlee, has left many shaken to their core. This horrifying story unfolded on the fateful night of November 17, 2016, when, following a tumultuous marriage and a looming divorce, Brandi brutally murdered her children in cold blood.

The ripple effect of this unspeakable crime resonated throughout the close-knit community of Darlington, Indiana, as neighbors, friends, and family members grappled with the unthinkable reality of two young lives snuffed out far too soon.

In the wake of such a tragedy, the community rallied together to support the grieving father, Jason Worley, and attempted to make sense of the senseless act that shattered so many lives.

As time goes on, the haunting question remains: How could a mother do this to her own flesh and blood?

Background of the Worley family (Jason, Brandi, Tyler, and Charlee)

The Worley family, consisting of Jason, a hardworking father, Brandi, the seemingly devoted mother, and their two precious children, Tyler and Charlee, appeared to be a typical, loving family.

Tyler, the athletic first-grader, had a passion for sports, while his younger sister, Charlee, adored dancing and storytime at the library. Together, they formed a close-knit family unit that would soon be tragically torn apart.

Beneath the surface, however, Jason and Brandi’s marriage was fraught with struggles and turmoil:

  • Trust became a scarce commodity in their relationship when Jason discovered Brandi’s infidelity with their neighbor. To make matters worse, Brandi had initially tried to cover up her betrayal with a web of lies, further deepening the cracks in their marriage.
  • Despite the pain and betrayal, Jason and Brandi opted to remain together for the sake of their children. But as the tension between them grew, it ultimately reached a breaking point. Unable to bear the strain any longer, Jason filed for divorce after seeking advice from the online community on Reddit. Little did he know that this decision would set off a chain of events that would end in unimaginable tragedy.

…one morning I wait for her to get in the shower and I grab her phone before it requires the password. I go through her messages and find that she is texting the neighbor, “I am all covered in frosting, you wanna lick it off?”. There were no other messages to the neighbor but I found out later that was because she had setup her phone to delete messages after a certain amount of time…

from Jason’s Reddit post

Events leading up to the tragedy

The tipping point in Jason and Brandi’s troubled marriage came when Jason stumbled upon undeniable evidence of Brandi’s affair with their neighbor.

This discovery shattered any remaining trust and pushed their relationship beyond the point of repair.

Unable to reconcile with Brandi’s infidelity, Jason filed for divorce on November 15, 2016. What he didn’t anticipate, however, was the devastating chain of events that would soon follow this decision.

Brandi, on the other hand, was completely blindsided by Jason’s decision to end their marriage. The thought of her husband leaving her, combined with the fear of losing her children, sent her spiraling into a dark and dangerous emotional abyss.

Driven by desperation and despair, Brandi hatched a sinister plan. On November 16, 2016, she deceived Jason by claiming she needed to buy craft supplies for Tyler’s school project.

Instead, she went to a store and purchased a deadly weapon—a combat knife—that would soon turn their lives into a horrifying nightmare.

The night of the murders

In the late hours of November 16, 2016, Brandi made the unthinkable decision to murder her own children. Sneaking into their bedrooms while they slept, she mercilessly stabbed Tyler and Charlee in their necks, ensuring their swift and tragic demise.

Following the brutal killings, Brandi turned the knife on herself in a failed attempt to end her life. Although she inflicted a stab wound to her neck, she couldn’t muster the strength to take her own life as she had done to her innocent children.

With chilling composure, Brandi picked up the phone and dialed 911. In a hauntingly calm voice, she confessed to the operator: “I just stabbed myself and killed my two children.”

After her 911 call, Brandi contacted her mother, who rushed to the Worley residence. It was her mother’s heart-wrenching screams that finally alerted Jason, who had been asleep downstairs, to the terrible scene unfolding in his home.

As Jason raced upstairs to confront the horrifying reality, Brandi looked at him without any emotion or remorse and coldly uttered the words: “Now you can’t take the kids from me.”

Aftermath of the crime

The heinous act committed by Brandi Worley shook the entire community of Darlington, Indiana. In the wake of this tragedy, the residents rallied around Jason, showing an outpouring of support and sympathy.

  • To honor the memory of the young victims, a funeral service was held at the Darlington Community Center. Hundreds of people from the community came together to pay their final respects to Tyler and Charlee Worley.
  • Additionally, the residents of Darlington went above and beyond to help Jason and his family in their time of need. A GoFundMe page was set up, which successfully raised $50,000 to assist with funeral expenses and other costs arising from the devastating loss.

As the community mourned, Tyler and Charlee Worley were laid to rest at the Green-lawn Cemetery in Darlington.

Their untimely passing serves as a somber reminder of the incomprehensible act committed by a mother who was supposed to protect and love them unconditionally.

In the aftermath of the gruesome crime, Brandi Worley was charged with two felony counts of murder. Initially, she entered a not guilty plea, intending to pursue an insanity defense.

As part of the legal process, she was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and return for a competency hearing the following year.

However, before the hearing took place, Brandi had a change of heart and decided to plead guilty to the murders of her children, Tyler and Charlee.

At her sentencing, Brandi was given the opportunity to speak, but she refused to do so. Her silence further demonstrated a lack of remorse or explanation for her heinous actions.

Throughout the legal proceedings, Brandi exhibited an emotionless state, which was later attributed to a diagnosis of depression. Despite this diagnosis, her lack of emotion did not excuse or lessen the gravity of her crimes.

Presiding over the case, Judge Harry Siamas expressed his thoughts on the senselessness of the crime, acknowledging that sometimes there is no explanation for such a horrific act.

He noted that “darkness is in this world… and it penetrates minds and our hearts.”

Ultimately, Brandi Worley was sentenced to 120 years in prison for her crimes – 55 years for Tyler’s murder and 65 years for Charlee’s. This lengthy sentence ensures that she will be held accountable for the tragic loss of two innocent lives.


The heartbreaking tragedy of Brandi Worley murdering her children Tyler and Charlee has left a lasting impact on the small community of Darlington, Indiana, as well as on the family left behind.

For the residents of this close-knit town, the loss of two young lives at the hands of their own mother will never be forgotten, and the community will continue to support Jason Worley as he grieves and tries to heal from the unimaginable pain.

The incomprehensible nature of a mother killing her own children is a grim reminder that sometimes the darkness within the human heart can lead to unspeakable acts.

This case serves as a stark example of the unimaginable depths of despair and desperation that can drive someone to commit such heinous crimes.

Ultimately, the Brandi Worley case is a somber reminder of the darkness that can penetrate the human mind and heart.

As a society, we must remain vigilant in addressing mental health issues, supporting those in need, and fostering a safe environment for those who are struggling. Only then can we hope to prevent tragedies like this from occurring in the future.


Why did Brandi Worley kill her children?

Brandi Worley killed her children in a tragic act of filicide, likely driven by her inability to cope with her husband’s decision to file for divorce. She may have felt a sense of desperation, fear, and loss of control over her life and her family’s future.

What weapon did Brandi Worley use to kill her children?

Brandi Worley purchased a combat knife under the pretense of buying craft supplies and used it to fatally stab her children, Tyler and Charlee, in their necks.

How did the community react to the murder of Tyler and Charlee Worley?

The community was deeply affected by the tragic deaths of Tyler and Charlee. Hundreds of residents attended their funeral, held at the Darlington Community Center. The community also rallied to support Jason Worley, their father, by setting up a GoFundMe page to assist with funeral expenses and other financial needs.

What was the outcome of Brandi Worley’s legal proceedings?

Brandi initially pleaded not guilty and attempted to use an insanity defense. However, she later changed her plea to guilty. She was ultimately sentenced to 120 years in prison, with 55 years for Tyler’s murder and 65 years for Charlee’s murder.

What was the psychological state of Brandi Worley during the trial and sentencing?

Brandi Worley was diagnosed with depression, which may have contributed to her emotionless state during the legal proceedings. She refused to speak at her sentencing, and her attorney stated that he could not provide a reason for her sudden violent actions towards her children.

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