Three curses of Karna that led to his death in Mahabharat

Suryaputra karna attacked by Arjuna

Three curses of Karna given to him by his guru Parashurama, a Brahmin and by Mother Earth that led to his defeat to Arjuna. Also, it leads it his death during the battle in Mahabharat.

Three curses of Karna:

1. Curse by Mother Earth:

Karna once helped a little girl who has accidentally dropped a jar filled with milk (or ghee) on the ground. She feared punishment from her mother.

A kind Karna helped the girl recover the milk by squeezing and twisting the ground. In short, by hurting Mother Earth herself.

Pain is so unbearable (असहनीय), that Mother Earth curses Karna that she would not help Karna during the battle when he needs her the most. Also, she will try to make him even weaker in the battle.

This curse (अभिशाप) of Karna came into effect during his battle with Arjuna. It results in an untimely (बेवक़्त) incident when the wheel of his Chariot (रथ) stuck in the mud (मिटटी) during the battle.

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2. Curse by Parashurama:

Karna is interested in the art of warfare (युद्ध कला). To learn it, he approaches Dronacharya. But he refuses to teach him as he was not a Kshatriya (traditionally military or ruling class).

After refused by Dronacharya, he decided to learn this art of warfare from Parashurama. Parashurama is the guru of Dronacharya.

But there is one problem. The problem is that Parashurama only teaches Brahmins and Karna is not a Brahmin either.

Thus, Karna presents himself before Parashurama as a Brahmin without revealing his true identity.

Parashurama accepts him as his student. He trained him to the point that he declared Karna to be equal to himself in the art of warfare and archery.

curses of Karna

One day after training, Karna offers his lap to his guru Parashurama so that he could rest and take a nap.

While Parashurama is sleeping, a bee stung (डंक मरना) Karna’s thigh (जांघ). But Karna did not move as he does not want to disturb his guru.

In some versions, it is stated that Lord Indra take the form of a bee and stung Karna’s thigh in order to benefit his son Arjuna.

When Parashurama wake up, he saw the blood coming out from Karna’s wound (घाव).

He immediately figures out that Karna is not a Brahmin. He knows that a Brahmin is not able to bear the pain for so long.

Angry Parashurama curses Karna:

Parashurama becomes angry with Karna and accuses him of stealing knowledge by not telling him that he is not a Brahmin.

He curses Karna that he would forget all his knowledge required to use the Brahmanda Astra (weapon). This is one of the three curses of Karna.

After hearing this, Karna becomes very sad and feels guilty for his offence. He pleads Parashurama to take back his curse.

Upon Karna’s pleading, Parashurama modifies his curse. He says to Karna that “You will only forget all your knowledge when you need it the most while fighting against an equal enemy.

Due to Karna’s diligence (लगन), he gave him his personal celestial weapon “Bhargavastra” and his personal bow (धनुष) “Vijaya“.

This curse also came into effect during his battle with Arjuna. This happens during his last day on the battlefield when he forgets the chant (or mantra) to invoke (आह्वान करना) the “Brahmanda Astra“.


3. Curse of Brahmin:

Once Karna is practising his archery (तीरंदाजी) skills with his bow and arrow. Accidentally, he kills cow of a Brahmin.

The Brahmin got angry and curses him that he will be killed by his enemy when his attention is diverted in the middle of a combat.

This curse also came into effect during his battle with Arjuna when Karna is busy removing the chariot wheel from the mud. During this time, he is shot by Arjuna, on the advice of Krishna.

This is how three curses of Karna led to his death in Mahabharat.

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