Rukmini asks Krishna: Why he helps in killing Bhishma & Dronacharya

Rukmini asks Krishna that why he helps in killing Bhishma & Dronacharya in Mahabharata

Rukmini asks Krishna: Why he helps in killing Bhishma & Dronacharya in Mahabharata

After the Kurukshetra war gets over, Krishna returned to Dwarka. Rukmini, his wife, in anger asked Krishna that why he aided Pandavas in the killing great devouts (धर्मपरायण) Bhishma and Dronacharya.

Krishna said that it is true that both of them have followed Dharma all along their life. But they had to bear the consequence of that one sin that they commit.

Rukmini asks Krishna,

about that one crime committed by Bhishma and Dronacharya. 

Krishna told that Rukmini that during the Cheer Haran (disrobing) of Draupadi in front of the court, these two were present there.

Being the eldest and most respected among all, none of them ordered Dushasana to stop that madness.

Hearing this, Rukmini asks Krishna about Karna. Karna was famous for his charity. No one has returned empty-handed from his door. What was his mistake?

Krishna said, “Yes! Karna was famous for his charity. He had never said no to anybody”.

But during the war, when Abhimanyu, after defeating all the warriors, was lying on the ground on the battlefield. 

Karna was standing near him. There was a pit full of water near him. When dying Abhimanyu asks for some water from the pit, Karna refuses. This was his mistake.

He later bears the consequence of his crime as that same pit became responsible for his death. Later on in the war, his chariot’s wheel was trapped in that same pit.

Moral of the story:

Krishna conveyed a very important message through this conversation.

It often happens that when something wrong is happening around us, we don’t do anything. We just witness that incident as mere spectators.

We think that we are not part of this sin. But not doing anything, in spite of being in a position to help, we become equal partners of that sin.

So please if anything wrong happens around you, don’t just watch. Do whatever you can do in your capacity.