21 Puzzle Questions Answered By Gautama Buddha that you must read

21 Puzzle Questions Answered By Gautama Buddha that you must read

21 Puzzle Questions Answered By Gautama Buddha that you must read. Gautama Buddha is one of the most influential figures in human history. He was truly an exceptional individual. There are some puzzle questions which beautifully answered by Gautama.

Buddha showed us the middle path between extreme asceticism and self-indulgence. Why I like his ideology is that there is no ideology at all.

He always advocates that:

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who said it, no matter if I have said it unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

Once Gautama was resting at Jetavana. A celestial deva (God) came to meet Gautama in the disguise of Brahmin. He asked some questions to the Blessed One (Buddha) and Gautama gave beautiful answers to these questions.

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21 Puzzle Questions Answered by Gautama Buddha

Question 1 – What is the sharpest sword?

Gautama said, “A word spoken in wrath ( क्रोध) is the sharpest sword”.

Question 2 – What is the deadliest poison?

Buddha said, “Greed is the deadliest poison”.

Question 3 – What is the fiercest fire?

He said, “Passion is the fiercest fire”.

Question 4 – What is the darkest night?

Gautama said, “Ignorance is the darkest night”.

Question 5 – Who gains the greatest benefit?

Gautama answered, “He is the greatest gainer to others”.

Question 6 – Who loses most?

Gautama said, “He loses most who greedily receives without gratitude”.

Question 7 – Which armor is invulnerable?

Buddha said, “Patience is an invulnerable (अभेद्य) armor”.

Question 8 – What is the best weapon?

He said, “Wisdom is the best weapon”.

Question 9 – Who is the most dangerous thief?

Gautama said, “An evil thought is the most dangerous thief”.

Question 10 – What is the most precious treasure?

He said, “Virtue is the most precious treasure”.

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Question 11 – Who is most successful in taking away by violence not only on earth but also in heaven?

Buddha answered, “The mind takes possession of everything not only on earth but also in heaven”.

Question 12 – What is the securest treasure-trove?

Gautama replied, “Immortality is its securest treasure-trove”.

Question 13 – What is attractive?

He said, “Good is attractive”.

Question 14 – What is disgusting?

He told the celestial god, “Evil is disgusting”.

Question 15 – What is the most horrible pain?

He answered, “A bad conscience (sense of right and wrong) (अन्तश्चेतना) is the most tormenting pain”.

Question 16 – What is the greatest enjoyment?

Gautama said, “Deliverance (liberation or मुक्ति) is the height of bliss”.

Question 17 – What causes ruin in the world?

Buddha said, “Ignorance causes the ruin of the world”.

Question 18 – What breaks off friendships?

Gautama answered, “Envy and selfishness break off friendships”.

Question 19 – What is the most violent fever?

He answered, “Hatred is the most violent fever”.

Question 20 – Who is the best physician?

He said, “The Buddha is the best physician”.

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Question 21 – What is it fire can neither burn, nor moisture corrode, nor wind crush down, but can reform the whole world?

Gautama Buddha told the celestial god, “Neither fire, nor moisture, nor wind can destroy the blessing of a good deed, and blessings reform the whole world”.

After hearing these answers, the deva was filled with delight and bow down before Buddha in reverence and then disappeared.

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