How to overcome death of your loved one? Teaching from life of Buddha

How to overcome death of your loved one? Teaching from life of Buddha

How to overcome death of your loved one? How to deal with the pain of losing someone? This is a universal question and everyone in this world goes through this pain.

Death is inevitable. We all know this truth. Whoever takes birth on this planet, whether an animal, human being or even God has to die.

Death spares nobody. Still, apart from knowing this eternal (सनातन) truth, many people are not able to overcome death of their loved ones.

This is one of the most difficult times in life. They go through this extreme pain of separation. They just do not know how to overcome death of their loved ones. 

There is this story of a mother and her dead baby from the life of Buddha which might help people in understanding that in life some things are not under our control and death is one of those.

Buddha teaches a lady to how to overcome death of loved one

Once upon a time, a lady named Kisa Gotami with her dead baby came up to Buddha and pleaded him to revive her child. Buddha seeing the pain of the mother agreed but he put forward one condition to the lady. 

KisaGotami came to Buddha to revive her dead child after his death

He said,”I will revive the child, but it requires a very vital ingredient to bring about the resurrection (पुनर्जीवन).” 

The lady asks Buddha about that crucial ingredient. Buddha asks her to get him white mustard seeds. The lady readily agreed.

But the condition was that she has to get white mustard seeds from a house which has never seen death i.e. a house where nobody has died.

The lady went to every single house but was not able to find a house where nobody has died before. This condition of Buddha made her realise her mistake that everything is impermanent.

She went to Buddha, fell at his feet and said that she understands what he was trying to convey through this exercise that she is not the only person who has suffered the loss of a loved one.

The lady bids adieu her dead child with a sobbing and bursting heart. She was awakened and entered the first stage of Arhatship and eventually became an Arhat.

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Moral of the story:

Moral of the story is that death is inevitable. It is the eternal truth. It does not spare anyone.

Everyone has to go through the pain of the death of their loved ones. It could be your child, spouse, parents, siblings, friends or anyone you love. 

One should not feel victimised by this and constantly question why this happens to me because it does not happen only to you but to everyone.

Cherish the memories of loved ones, the beautiful time you spent with them. This will help you in overcoming your miseries and move on. 

The story presented here is very simple but the message it gives is very deep. I hope it will help you to overcome death of your loved ones.

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