See these 10 Incredible Models of Ancient Cities Now

Incredible Models of Ancient Cities - Mythgyaan

Have you ever wondered how our ancestor’s life was? If yes, then See these Incredible Models of Ancient Cities Now Or Hate Yourself Later. The choice is yours!

These are basically the scale models representing some of the ancient cities of the world.

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1. Carthage – 200 BC – Modern day Tunisia

It was used to be the capital city of the ancient Carthaginian civilization, before its destruction by the Roman Republic.

2. Rome – 300 AD

Rome is the capital city of Italy and the home of Roman civilization.

One interesting fact is that “The Vatican City”, the smallest independent country in the world is within the city boundaries of Rome. Thus making it the only example of a country within a city.

3. Teotihuacan City, Aztec Empire – 1300 AD – Present Day Mexico City

4. Jerusalem – Between 1 – 100 AD

5. Ephesus, Greek Empire – 200 BC – Modern Day Turkey

It is famous for Temple of Artemis which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

6. Delphi, Greece – 350 BC

Delphi is an ancient sanctuary in Greece. Greeks consider Delphi to be the centre of the world, which is represented by the Omphalos of Delphi. It is an ancient marble monument found in the archaeological site of Delphi.

7. Tarragona – Around 100 AD – Port City of Spain

8. Olympia – Around 100 BC – Ancient Greek Sanctuary

It is the site where Olympic Games were first played in classical times.

9. Babylon, Persian Empire – 400 BC – Ancient Mesopotamian City

It was estimated to be the largest city in the world from approx. 1770 – 1670 BC.

10. Tenochtitlan, Aztec Empire – 1500 AD – Present Day Mexico City

Founded in 1325, it was the capital of the Mexican civilization of the Mexica people.