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WTF: This man reads Virat Kohli’s mind! Impossible

WTF: This man reads Virat Kohli's mind! Impossible

Nobody can imagine that the Run Machine Virat Kohli can be tricked by magic. And that too mind reading. Yes, there is someone who reads Virat Kohli’s mind!

Yes, we are talking about the magician Karan Singh. By the way, he preferred himself to be called as a “Psychological Illusionist” rather than a magician.

Karan Singh is a famous illusionist who relies on his intuitive abilities to “read people’s thoughts”. Whatever he does as an illusionist is broadly referred to as mentalism. He has performed for a variety of celebrities including Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Vidya Balan, Stephen Fry etc and blown their minds.

The latest celebrity whose mind is blown is our own Run Machine aka Virat Kohli. And yes, Karan reads Virat Kohli’s mind and even Virat can’t believe that what has just happened.

Basically, Karan asks Virat to think of someone from his childhood which no way anybody could know. And then he asks Virat to give him a little hint that whether the person Virat thinks of is from his school, college or colony. 

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Virat told him that the person is from his colony. And then he gives him a situation (see in the video) and asks him to imagine shouting the first name of that person very loudly. And then he asks Virat to spell the first name of that person in his mind. Then he asks him to pick a letter somewhere from the middle of the name of that person. Then the moment of truth came, he types something on his phone and boom!

What happened after this is just mind-bending! WTF Moment!

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Also, check out Karan Singh’s Youtube Channel for more awesome content.

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